Authorities to end unmanned railway crossings in India

IR has taken many steps towards reducing accidents at UMLCs with 79% reduction in UMLC accidents in the last 4Yr (47 accidents in 2013-14 to 10 in17-18). Avg rate of elimination of UMLCs has also increased by nearly 2/3 over the last 4yrs.

Now only 3,479 UMLCs remain on BG route. Authorities said we trying to eliminate UMLCs (unmanned level crossing) by 2020.While crossing UMLCs, the primary responsibility lies with the road user, and not with the Railways. The rule while crossing such railway lines is to look both ways, stop and then proceed. However, because the accidents happened in our territory, it remains our concern. That’s why we are trying to eliminate all unmanned level crossings. In the meantime, I urge people to be careful. Also, please should not use earphones when walking near the railway tracks.

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