Love on tracks ?

With winter starting , local and foreign tourists, students,photographers, sports groups are hopping aboard the Eastern Express.

Whats so special about this train ?

Its Turkey’s Eastern Express most romantic train ! yes you heard it ! one of Turkey’s oldest rail line between Turkey’s capital Ankara and the northeastern province of Kars. It take in the unparalleled landscapes all the way to Kars , a leisurely 24-hour train ride through the farmlands, woods, and mountains of eastern Turkey that has become popular traveling over 850 miles.

People are swapping airtravel for a 24hr sleeper train costing just $16

“It would be totally different journey during the winter season, the city covered with snow and cold feel the ice on ins

ide” People can share their experience on social media.

Can this idea be borrowed to Indian Railways ?


Like many countries, it too has a huge number of visitors every year that want to see and experience its many facets. Most travelers to India find that they are not sated with just one trip and visit this magnificent land again and again, sometimes every year.

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