10 lakh for the most beautiful stations of Indian railways 2018

Winner announced (27.04.2018) for the most beautiful station contest. The winners were awarded the prize money of Rs 10 lakh, Rs 5 lakh and Rs 3 lakh for the first, second and third position respectively.

  • 1st Price (10 Lakh ) – Chandrapur and Ballarshah junction
  • Second Price (5 Lakh )- Madurai , Madhubani
  • Third Price  (3 Lakh )- Gandhidham, Kota and Secunderabad

Chandrapur & Ballarshah stations (in Chandrapur district) were adjudged 1st among 62 entries from 11 Zones of the Indian Railways & were awarded the first prize jointly for the most beautiful stations of the Indian railways.

Gandhidham Station of Ahmedabad Mondal has created an adorable painting on local culture and art

The Madhubani railway station in Bihar has been a distinct identity across the country for its beauty, in the beautification competition of railway stations it has achieved the second place across the country, the station has been decorated with traditional and elegant Madhubani-style painting.

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