Jul 042013

Online travel agent Cleartrip has launched a new version of its Android application that will allow users to book Indian railway tickets and check PNR status. The app is available for download from the Google Play Store. It’s not clear when the company plans to introduce the service on its iOS app since it opens up Cleartrip’s mobile site on Safari to book train tickets.

Krish‘s insight:

To book railway tickets, one still has to connect their IRCTC account details with their Cleartrip account. I tried to sync my IRCTC account with my Cleartrip account and the process seems to a lot tedious. It asked us to enter login credentials of both the accounts, date of birth, address, among others. It then sends a one time password (OTP) on email and mobile. Once you enter both the OTPs it verifies your account. While I verified all the details, somehow it failed to sync with my IRCTC details. Remember that IRCTC had introduced one time registration process and had mandated that anyone who intend to book train tickets through third party websites like Cleartrip, MakeMyTrip, Yatra and others, to have an IRCTC account before booking a train ticket online. Cleartrip does not charge service fee for booking trains tickets.

However, one can still search train from one destination to another without syncing their IRCTC details. It lists out price of the ticket, time, and duration of the journey. To check the PNR number, one just has to enter their 10 digit PNR number and the app lists the status of the ticket.


Note that in 2008, Cleartrip had partnered with IRCTC to offer railway booking on their site. With this update, one can now book train tickets on their handset.

Cleartrip website also allows one to book tatkal quota ticket by selecting the checkbox next to the ‘Tatkal’ label on the search results page. It’s not clear whether the Android app also allows one to book tatkal tickets. Note that one has to pay extra to book tatkal quota tickets.

In May 2013, IRCTC had upgraded its website which can support bookings of more than 4.15 lakh e-tickets daily. Prior to this, IRCTC claims to have handled 3.67 lakhs e-tickets per day. The website can currently handle 2000 tickets per minute and claims that it future it plans to upgrade the website to handle 7200 tickets per minute.

In June 2013, Spice Digital had partnered with IRCTC to offer a B2B travel and tourism solution called Spice Safar for travel agents, as a part of Spice’s retail initiatives. Through this partnership, it offered Safar act as its principal agent to carry out IRCTC’s e-ticket booking services in the country.

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May 232013

NDTV – IRCTC site upgraded to book more than four lakh e-tickets

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New Delhi: Catering to the growing demand for train tickets during the summer rush, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has upgraded its website for booking more than four lakh e-tickets daily.

Currently, the ticketing site is able to handle about 1.2 lakh concurrent connections on web servers and can book about 2000 tickets per minute.

“We have upgraded the system with high capacity servers to book more tickets. Earlier our capacity was to book about 1200 tickets per minute but now it has been enhanced to 2000 tickets per minute and it will be further increased to 7200,” said a senior IRCTC official.

He said with the continuous upgrading, an average booking per day has been increased from 3.67 lakh in 2012 to 4.15 lakh now.

Former Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal had announced in his Rail Budget 2013-14 that the booking capacity will be enhanced to 7200 tickets per minute with the development of next generation software for the e-ticketing site.

Railways have earmarked about Rs. 100 crore to upgrade the ticketing website to meet the growing demand of e-tickets.

Generally there is a huge load on the website at 10 AM, when booking of Tatkal tickets opens. The booking of ticket varies from time to time based on festival and vacations.

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May 192013

Booking your journey by train on the Indian Railway System can either be done at the reservation counter or through the internet. Passengers can book their railway tickets in person at any one of the hundred reservation counters across India.

Most of the cities have reservation counters spread across the city for the convenience of the passengers. The Indian Railway ticket reservation counters are open from 08:00AM to 08:00PM on weekdays and 08:00AM to 02:00PM on Sundays. The use of credit cards at the reservation counter is a facility that can be availed of.

You can book your ticket online by going to the Indian Railways website -http://www.irctc.co.in . There are two types of tickets that can be booked over the net. They are I-Ticket and E-ticket. When you book an I-ticket, the booking and payment is done over the internet but you get your physical ticket delivered to your address in India. An E-ticket is also booked and paid over the net but your ticket is not couriered. Instead you can print out your ticket from your home or office printer. This is one of the most used services of booking tickets now because of the quickness in getting your booking done. The only step you got to do if you need an I-ticket or an E-ticket is to get yourself registered on the Indian Railways website. Once you have your Username and Password, you can login and book your tickets online without facing any problems. An extra cost of 1.8% is levied on the total of the internet tickets booked.

May 182013

The first step to book a mobile ticket is to register oneself with Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) in a system aimed at easing the pressure on the Internet.

Krish‘s insight:

Very soon, short code 5676714 will become an integral step to kick-start your travel programme. One has to SMS his or her travel details and SARATHI will book the ticket and deliver it in a flash, through SMS.

The first step to book a mobile ticket is to register oneself with Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) in a system aimed at easing the pressure on the Internet, whose link gets choked in peak hours, especially while tatkal tickets are being booked.

One has to send in details to the short code, which has been approved by all mobile service operators, for authentication by SARATHI.

SARATHI will respond by sending a pre-composed message, seeking journey details. It will also send details of ticket availability and other information.

The Railways intend to introduce the concept of M-wallet as a payment option, besides the Interbank Bank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) that requires registration with a bank. M-wallet, a pre-paid instrument, will be available at all mobile retail outlets where customers can recharge it as they recharge prepaid mobile connections. Even post-paid mobile customers can make use of this platform.

Once the fare is deducted from the bank account, the ticket will be delivered through an SMS.

All mobile operators have been roped in, officials say, and their 1.5 lakh retail outlets will sell M-wallet.

This system will come in handy for booking tickets even from any remote corner of the country, where Internet connections are still scarce.

The Railways also plan to extend the scope of mobile booking with add-on facilities. It wants to make available cars and hotel rooms on rent. About 5,000 hotels have been tied up.



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139 SMS Service

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May 162013

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139-Rail Sampark”, the national enquiry for Indian Railways has been in operation for around 5 years now. The services on this number i.e. 139 handles enquiries pertaining to PNR Status, Current Train running position, Accommodation availability and Fare Enquiry.



If you want to know PNR status, you can simply send a sms to 139 or 5676747 from your mobile.


Krish‘s insight:


In addition to regular SMS service , North Eastern Railway launched the new service which tells you train status and also PNR status on your mobile phone . 



How to Use It ? (Spot/ Locate train)

SMS “SPOT <train number> or LOCATE <train number>
For example: SPOT 12561 or LOCATE 12561

 (For PNR details)Send a SMS "PNR <10-digit PNR>" to 139 or 5676747

Exampe: PNR 4705144909


You will be receving irctc reply SMS with train status including delay in running time , expected arrival.


139 is supported by all the service provides. Charge is 1Re or 2Rs depending on the operator.


Other list of  services available through SMS. Passenger can get the desired information by sending SMS to 139 in the following format.

1. For ticket status Enquiry:

SMS “PNR <10 Digit PNR Number>
For example: PNR 4341568666
2. For Train Arrival/Departure Enquiry:

SMS “AD <Train number> <STD code of Station>”
For example: AD 12012 011
3. For Accommodation availability:

SMS “SEAT <Train number> <DOJ**ddmmyy> <Station from: STD code> <station to: STD code> <class> <Quota>***
For example SEAT 12561 010712 0542 0571 SL G
4. Fare enquiry

SMS “FARE <Train number> < DOJ**ddmmyy> <Station from: STD code> <station to: STD code> <class> <Quota>***
For Example: FARE 12561 010712 0542 0571 SL G
5. Time table:

SMS “TIME <train number>
For example: TIME 12561
6. Spot/ Locate train:

SMS “SPOT <train number> or LOCATE <train number>
For example: SPOT 12561 or LOCATE 12561
7. Train Name/Number:

SMS “TN <train number> or SMS “TN <train name>
For Example TN 12724 or TN AP EXPRESS
8. Getting all syntaxes
To get the above all mentioned syntaxes, SMS HELP or RAIL to 139
Note: Quota is optional field. For example, please enter G for general, CK for tatkal


For CLASS field, please enter 1A for First AC, 2A for Second AC, 3A for third AC, SL for Sleeper, CC for AC Chair Car, 2S for Second Sitting
The service is also available on USSD for Reliance, Uninor, Docomo and Vodafone Telephone Service Providers. Just dial *139# to avail the USSD facility for enquiry of PNR, Arrival/Departure etc.

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Feb 282013

As announced by the Minister for Indian Railways, Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal,while presenting Railway Budget 2013-14 in the Parliament, the Ministry of Railways has decided not to increase the Train Fare of any class, but to make changes in Reservation charge, SupplementaryCharge for Super fast Trains, Cancellation charges on Reserved Tickets, Minimum and Maximum Tatkal Charges and Clerkage charges which have been increased. The revised charges will be w.e.f  01-04-2013.Details are given below.

  • If a passenger wants to cancel the reserved tickets before 24 hrs in advance of the scheduled departure of the train he has to pay the minimum cancellation charge.

Minimum Cancellation Charge per passenger according to Class wise.

  1. For 1AC and EC - Existing Rs 70 – Revised Rs 120 - Difference  Rs.50/-
  2. For 2A and FC - Existing Rs 60 – Revised Rs 100 - Difference Rs.40/-
  3. For 3A and ACC - Existing Rs.60 – Revised Rs. 90 - Difference Rs.30/-
  4. For SL - Existing Rs.40 – Revised Rs.60 - Difference Rs.20/-
  5. For 2S - Existing Rs 20 – Revised Rs.30 - Difference Rs.10/- 
  • If a passenger wants to cancel the tickets within 24 hrs and upto 4 hrs before the scheduled departure of the train. For this cancellation charge per passenger is 25% of the fare paid subject to minimum amount specified.
  • If a passenger wants to cancel the tickets within 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train.For this cancellation charges per passenger is 50% of the fare paid subject to the minimum amount specified.

Read more: http://www-irctc.blogspot.fr/2013/02/cancellation-charges-revised-rail.html#ixzz2SlPbr5HW  Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Jan 302013

IRCTC has tied up with ngpay to let buy Indian Railways tickets from mobile phone.Download ngpay for FREE on handset and enjoy the convenience of booking rail rickets – anytime, anywhere. ngpay is India’s largest mall on mobile where you can book all travel tickets, movie tickets, send gifts or do shopping – easily and securely – from handset.

Services offered by IRCTC on ngpay
On ngpay the following IRCTC Partner Services are available:
1.Reservation of Tickets
2.Check PNR Status
4.File for TDR
5.Email eTicket
6.Check Booking History
7.Ticket Refund Details
8.Train Route

What All Needed to use ngpay?
A MOBILE HANDSET: ngpay works on just about any mobile phone, from basic models to high-end ones. In fact, ngpay works well on most phones that are priced over Rs. 2000. And, across all mobile networks too.
GPRS CONNECTION: GPRS is nothing but a medium to access internet on the mobile phone. To get GPRS, call your mobile service provider and get it activated. Most operators offer pay-per-use plans with no monthly rentals. You only pay for what you use. In fact, you can complete a transaction by spending, at most, a few paise in data charges. APPLICATION: ngpay comes pre-loaded in lot of phones. If you don’t have it already, you can download it for absolutely free. SMS ngpay to 56767 or visit www.ngpay.com from your mobile browser. You will receive an SMS with a link. Select the link and follow the instructions to download and install ngpay. If you face any trouble, just call us on 1800-2-666-555.

Transaction on ngpay is as safe as an ATM transaction. ngpay provides 128-bit end-to-end financial grade security. It has been independently certified for financial transactions by leading security firms and financial institutions. Every time you have to make a payment for a transaction, you will need to enter your unique 6-digit PIN. This PIN number is NOT stored on your handset, so hacking your stolen phone will not put you at any risk. ngpay respects your privacy. ngpay does not store your card / bank information on our servers; neither do we share your personal information with any third party.

Steps to Book Train Ticket using ngpay
Open ngpay on your mobile phone. Depending on your phone model, you may find ngpay in the Applications or Games folder.
1.Select Stores from options
2.Select IRCTC from Stores
3.Select Reservation option
4.Enter journey details
5.Enter travel requirements
6.Select option to pay for the tickets
7.Your tickets are booked message will be delivered.

On successful completion of payment and ticket booking, a Confirmation Number (PNR) will be provided to the passenger as proof of booking. For any further clarifications, contact ngpay 24×7 Toll Free number 1800 2666 555 or mail at care@ngpay.com.

A maximum of six berths/seats can be booked at a time, for a specified journey between any two stations run by the train, subject to distance restrictions . An individual user can book a maximum of ten tickets (PNR) in a month. Booking can be done against General (GN), Ladies (LD) and Tatkal (CK) quota berths/seats only.After successful booking and payment, ngpay will mail the eTicket to the email ID provided at the time of booking within a few minutes. Passenger(s) need to carry a print out of this eTicket with travelling along with a valid ID proof.
For e-Tickets booked on ngpay, cancellation facility is provided by ngpay.

Jan 012013

Magic Autofill is a Digital Inspiration project written by Amit Agarwal.

The Indian Railways IRCTC website opens up for train reservations at 8 AM, or 10 AM if you are making a reservation under the tatkal scheme, and the tickets are often booked within minutes.

When every second matters, the Magic Autofill tool can improve your chances of getting a train ticket. Fill the passenger details and click I’m Feeling Lucky. You’ll see a new Magic Autofill button that you need to add to the bookmarks toolbar.

Now switch to the Indian Railways website (irctc.com) and click the same Magic button to fill the reservation form in one click. Or see this video demo on YouTube.

Magic AutoFill


Dec 292012

Have you missed your train? It is possible to cancel a train reservation after chart preparation. You need to file a TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) for the same.

Valid Reasons for TDR

A passenger can file a TDR if he was not able to perform the journey due to any of the following reasons.

  • Train cancelled
  • Train late more than three hours and passenger not travelled
  • Difference of fare in case proper coach not attached
  • AC failure
  • Travelled without proper ID proof
  • Wrongly charged by TTE
  • Party partially travelled (journey terminated short of destination)
  • Passenger not travelled
  • Train diverted and train not touching boarding station
  • Train diverted and train not touching destination station
  • Passenger not travelled as reservation provided in lower class
  • Passenger not travelled due to ticket in RAC after chart preparation
  • Train terminated short of destination
  • Party partially confirmed/waitlisted and waitlisted passengers did not travel
  • Party partially confirmed/waitlisted and all passengers did not travel
  • Party could not cancel because chart prepared at originating or previous remote location
  • Train missed as connecting train was late
  • Change in reservation status from confirmed to waitlisted/part waitlisted/RAC after chart preparation
  • After charting no room provided
  • Difference of fare as passenger travelled in lower class

TDR Rules

IRCTC will process the refund claim with the Railway Administration and refund granted by the Railway shall be credited to your account. Refund claims under below clause may require at least 90 days or more for processing.

  • The TDR refund will be processed as per extant railway rules
  • TDR should be filed within 30 days of departure of train
  • The refund process will take at-least 90 days and more
  • e-Ticket refund request (after chart preparation) can be filed online
  • In case of i-ticket, online refund request is not allowed

Refund Rule

In case train is cancelled by the Indian Railways due to accidents, breaches or floods, bandh or rail roko agitation etc., full refund of the fare of entire booked journey will be granted. Online cancellation can be done up to 72 hours. In case of train running late by more than three hours and the passenger not performing journey on this account, full refund is permitted subject to the condition that the ticket is surrendered/TDR obtained in case of i-ticket. If it is an e-ticket, the passenger should file online or email IRCTC within the prescribed time limits. In case of any problem in e-ticket TDR filing, please email etickets@irctc.co.in.

Filing TDR Online

For filing TDR online, logon to the IRCTC website, click My Transactions > File TDR in the left navigation bar. Only those PNRs whose date of journey is less than 30 days will be listed and shall be eligible for applying TDR. Below are some sample screenshots.


Complete TDR Filing Procedure

You can visit the following official page to learn all about TDR filing, TDR rules, refund rules, step-by-step procedure for filing a TDR online, and more.


Warning: Strict legal action will be taken against the passenger, who fraudulently or dishonestly makes any claim for refund, which he knows to be false and not applicable under any extant Indian Railways/IRCTC rules & provision for refunds.

Dec 222012

IRCTC mobile allows you to perform various ticketing related services through your mobile phone.

Booking through mobile is not allowed between 8 AM to 12 PM

You can now book tickets using Credit Cards and Cash Cards, view trains between stations, check availability, get fare, perform PNR enquiry and many other information services. https://www.irctc.co.in/beta_htmls/index.htm

Steps for booking Railway Reserved Ticket on IRCTC website from a browser enabled mobile Phone

•  Login to URL https://www.irctc.co.in/mobile with your existing IRCTC user id and password.

IRCTC Mobile

IRCTC Mobile

Features of IRCTC Direct Mobile Website

Fast browsing experience
Two to three click only required for getting the confirmed ticket
No more session out error
Support all the Handset like iPhone, Android, Symbian , Samsung , Nokia etc.
Login to IRCTC using the existing User IDs
Browse from flexible devises like Mobile, Desktop and Laptop
For opening the Mobile website from the Desktop or laptop on the Firefox browser and then go to the Tools – > Default User Agent then select the viewing option as mobile.
You will get the complete User Guide or Help to How to Book the IRCTC Mobile Ticket from the following official website IRCTC Mobile Guide