PNR Status


Indian Railways is the largest rail network in Asia, approximately 11,000 running trains every day, including 2011 7000 passenger train. Indian Railways website using the Passenger Name Record or PNR, you can easily view the status of your reservation. You should have your booking tickets convenience, you can refer to it to enter the necessary information online. Others are reading how to check the PNR status how to find a PNR Status Description to the Indian Railways website link on the PNR status, part of the upper-left corner of the page.

The looking for 10 PNR booking tickets in the upper left corner. Second blank field blank field, enter the top three remaining 7 digits.

click the “state”. To enter a new PNR, click the “Clear”, enter the number again.

PNR Web Site –

Indian Railways department has launched a new phone number for Enquiry, which is a completely free service and works all over india including small villages and towns. You just need to call ‘139′ from your BSNL landlines, MTNL landlines, Dolphin, Garuda, Idea, Spice Telecom and Vodaphone telecom operator enabled phones and get access to SMS, call back and fax facility.

It may be difficult to find any availability in the trains and we book the ticket even when we know that there is a long waiting list keeping hope on others to drop down. In that situation it is very important to keep track of your PNR status.

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